Sunday, 17 May 2009

King of the Downs

More like the Ups! Today is officially the longest I've ever spent on a bike. 8 hours and 35 minutes to be exact. Why? I'm asking myself the same question right now. It's also the most wet I've ever been on two wheels. I've been less wet in a swimming pool. At 60km, riding up Box Hill, the heavens opened. I had a rain jacket but it was like fighting a forest fire with a glass of water. Pretty pointless. At times we were riding through rivers that had formed on the road.

Today's ride is one of Evans' Ride It! events. A super sportive. This morning (and afternoon) involved 180km with 10 climbs along the way. Namely - Leith Hill (451ft climbing in 2.1 miles), Pitch Hill (559ft climbing in 2.1 miles), Combe Bottom (422ft climbing in 2 miles), Ranmore Common West (271ft climbing in 1.5 miles), Box Hill (567ft climbing 2.6 miles), Tulleys Farm (252ft climbing in 1.8 miles), Weir Wood Reservoir (342ft climbing in 1.3 miles), The Wall (406ft climbing in 0.9 miles), Yorks Hill (394ft climbing in 1.1 miles) and Titsey Hill (386ft climbing in 0.8 miles).

Sorry to get so technical but I think it's the closest an amateur in the UK will ever get to experiencing what's it's like to ride a stage of a Pro Tour event. (Bar going to the L'E'Tape in France.)

Because 180km just isn't long enough, I decided to get lost and do and extra 10km. So, today I rode 190km. Nice. (My bum is not friends with me.)

Cleverly (NOT!) the steepest hill (mountain) of the day is saved for last. Words can't describe the world of pain I was in creeping up Titsey Hill. Looking down I even saw a slug overtake me. It was only pride and ego that stopped me from walking it.

Come August 2nd (Ironman UK), I know my legs will thank me for today's punishment.

Bring it!

(King of the Downs profile - western and eastern loops.)


Will Vaughan said...

Nice work Maloy, keep it strong.

Maloy said...

Thanks Will. I'm actually coming down your way this weekend. Doing the 180km Dragon Ride near Bridgend on Sunday. We'll be down there from Friday night. Come along, you'll get to meet Barbara (I bet that made you laugh).