Monday, 4 March 2013

Mallorca 2013 - Day 1 and 2

There’s a definite calmness to this place. Possibly because most people arriving are holidaymakers, but most certainly because it’s an island. What island isn’t chilled out?

It can be quite freaky coming from the hustle and bustle of London, especially when you’ve spent the night before at the Fez Nightclub in Putney – pure chaos.

Squeezing our way through the streets, we arrived at the villa in Pollenca. What a beauty! It’s open plan, rustic, filled with solid looking décor and multi-layered. A rabbit warren of sorts with multiple staircases leading to the same place, interlinking corridors and rooms without doors. 2 days here and I’m still learning my way around.

The best way to find your bearings at a new destination is to go for a run. So that’s exactly what I did.

After surfacing from an 11-hour sleep (obviously still recovering from the Fez), I took to putting my bike back together. A meticulous task that should take about 30 minutes, but goes on for 3 hours. Tinker, tinker.

It’s not simply all fun, so time was also spent getting the house ready for the Tricampers arriving on Tuesday, talking logistics and showing off my fire making skills. I do love a fire.

With only a few hours of sunlight left, it was time to ride my bike. I headed straight for the climb that’s featured on the Mallorca 70.3 race and immediately fell in love again. The roads are marble smooth, empty and switchbacked. Like being acquainted with a long lost lover, I was soon out of breath, smiling a mile wide.

There’s something very spiritual about riding up a mountain and my head swarmed with thoughts. With the sunshine in my eyes and sweat dripping off my nose, I reached the top of the climb. In a matter of minutes I was back at sea level, having dropped like a stone down the descent.

Braaing for the TriCamp staff on the roof terrace closed out a close-to-perfect day. Only having a few special people here would have made it absolutely perfect. But that time will come.

Mucho amor.


Jon Moss said...

Superb Troy. I love Majorca too and cannot wait to get back this year.

How have you managed to do this? Very envious. Have a terrific time and I look forward to the next blog entry.

@TroyMaloy said...

Thanks Jon.

I look forward to your arrival. I'll make sure I've found the best cafe by then : )

Cynthia Squires said...

Really enjoyed the vivid description, makes one feel that you are actually experiencing the journey with you. Love Mum.