Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Yum! I never really used to like sushi. It's kind of one of those foods that's grown on me. And it's absolutely grown on me. I can't get enough of the heathly stuff.

Every now and again, the girlfriend will surprise me and bring home a few trays of sushi. She gets it from the Japan Centre near Piccadilly Circus and it's super tasty and never overpriced. We sit at home, squirt some soy sauce over it and eat until our tummies hurt. Well at least I do.

In the summer (lasts for about 2 weeks in August) we'll often get some, grab a picnic blanket and head to the park. Zero hassle.

The other day, I had to take Apple (our MacBook) to the doctor in Regent Street. Afterwards, I met the girlfriend outside her work and we took a stroll to the sushi shop. As usual, we bought more than what we should have and then ambled to Piccadilly Circus where we sat at the bottom of the statue looking up at the iconic neon lights. It felt so good to feel like a tourist.

If like me you've just thought 'Why the hell is it actually called Piccadilly Circus?' have a look here.

And next time you're in the area, go fill your face with sushi!

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