Sunday, 2 November 2008

Mountain Biking

Not your normal, around the park or common type mountain biking but the muddy, technical, single track type stuff. My bike, Pelagia, doesn't get enough attention. Since I've been doing triathlons, it's only my road bike, Big Rig, that gets any love. Yes the road has the smooth ride, the speed and the satisfaction of covering many miles, but I have to admit, it's no where near as much fun as a proper MTB ride. I made a last minute decision to do a MTB race today, on the recommendation of a work mate. With the non-stop rain yesterday and the cloudy conditions today, I knew it was going to be an absolute mud bath. Well, I've never experienced such an amount of mud (I guess they don't call the UK the Mud Island for nothing!). The course was super technical with lots of big drops, short sharp climbs and nasty little ankle high tree stumps waiting to take me out. I nearly bought a plot a few times! Being a race that consisted of laps was awesome as I got to 'perfect' the errors I made on the previous laps.

I've made a promise to myself to do more of these races and to go off-road more often.

Race organisers, Gorrick, have another event on 18th January. Let me know if you're keen to join me.

(Yes I know I've got funny toes.)

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you have flippers for feet