Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Box Hill Hurt

Well, it's 20 weeks until the big one. Just looking at the training schedule scares me. Since doing the Cambridge Marathon a couple weeks ago, I decided it was time to up the mileage on Big Rig (my bike), in preparation of the of 180km (112.5 miles) bike leg of the UK Ironman. Luckily the Surrey Hills are nearby so it makes for ideal training.

Having not been on the bike for a while, we (my training partner, Beloki, and I) decided to take it easy and not really worry about maintaining an average speed. Plus we were both running the Fleet Half Marathon the next day. The weather was lovely (how sad calling 14'C lovely?) so the ride was great. Until we reached Box Hill. I've climbed it many times and I seriously love the switchbacks and the cup of coffee that awaits at the top. On this particular day, my legs were having none of it. I struggled up. Bonked they call it in the riding community. Beloki has the best description of what it feels like to climb a tough hill. He reckons you can feel your muscles and ligaments pulling away from the bone. I don't think he's far off.

Box Hill hurts, but it's that kind of hurt I enjoy. I know the hurt now will make me stronger later. And I'm sure going to need it later. On the 2 August to be more specific.

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