Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Pearl Jam Rock the House

My memory's not great but for as long as I've been a music fan, I've loved Pearl Jam. I will quite happily name them as one of the world's greatest bands. Try argue with me.

I've tried numerous times to get tickets to one of their gigs in London but always missed out. They don't tour the UK much so when tickets became available for the O2 Arena I dived at the chance. And scored.

Last night took me back to my childhood and reminded my why I love live must so much. From the first cord played, I was in seventh heaven. Memories flooded back to buying and listening to my first Pearl Jam CD all those years ago. They were on my list of 'Bands To Watch Before I Die'.

Now I'm not much of a music crit so if you'd like to read a review of the performance, it's here.

All I can say is, watch the video above (excuse my awful singing along, it was extremely hard not to get over excited). It will never convey the atmosphere and pure brilliance that is Pearl Jam, but hopefully you'll get a small taste. Did I mention they played for 3 hours?!

Ever since I watched the Foo Fighters live I was worried that no other band's live performance would measure up. Pearl Jam equaled Dave Grohl and co.

They don't make bands like Pearl Jam these days.

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