Friday, 21 August 2009

When I grow up I want to be Usain Bolt

I LOVE athletics. At both junior and high school, I couldn’t wait for athletics season. While most boys at my school dreamt of becoming a Springbok rugby player or Protea cricketer, I longed to represent SA on the track. I took quite a bit of flack for being mad about track and field. I was rewarded for my passion and dedication to athletics, by being named captain of the school athletics team in my final year as well as gaining ‘Colours’ (a yellow coloured fabric piping that’s stitched to the outer edge of the school blazer). Sadly I never went as far as I did in those childhood dreams.

Enter Usain Bolt.

I heart how he’s made the art of sprinting comparable to that of a rock star. I can imagine kids all over the world doing the Bolt pose whilst sprinting all over the place.

Thanks to The Bolt, athletics is now as cool as what I’ve always hoped it would have been.

(Back in the day, the 110m Hurdles and High Jump were my game!)