Wednesday, 22 October 2008

A Few Days Off and then a Marathon

I'm off for the next few days to Croyde with Timo and some of his mates. It's something that was started 3 years ago and involves a bunch of us going down the coast to get some surf (hopefully) and sit around the fire drinking a few beers. This year is a little different as we'll be celebrating Tim's Gold medal at Beijing. I sadly won't be having many beers as I'm off to Dublin with the girlfriend on Sunday to do a small run.

Clearly I'm only kidding when I say small because as the title states, we'll be running the Dublin Marathon on Monday. It's a first for Barbs but she's put in the miles and I can't wait to run the 26.2 miles by her side.

I'm really looking forward to trudging around the streets of Ireland's capital. You'd be amazed at the sights we take in over the course of the race. Race course

We'll catch up on Tuesday.

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Ben and Will said...

'Barbs' cracks me up every time.