Friday, 31 October 2008


In my line of work I'm really fortunate to come across many skilled and brilliant photographers. My dad is a very keen photographer so I was brought up to appreciate great photos and the art of photography. Our Creative Director here at work is kindly giving me lessons in photography, right from the very basics. It's such a joy to learn about different styles, processes and tricks of the trade type stuff. I really feel for great photographers because generally everyone rates themselves as a bit of a photo guru, myself included. Learning about all these basics, etc is really helping me identify the styles and types of photography I enjoy, and more importantly what distinguishes an exceptional photographer from an average one.

A mate, Al, who works in banking sent me some of his photos the other day after a 3 month long stint crossing Africa. I have to admit I was expecting the normal holiday snaps but man was I wrong. His photos are brilliant and I would happily frame some of them and put them on my wall. It was awesome to come across some brilliant photography where I never expected it. What made it even more special was that coming from the dark continent myself, his images captured exactly what Africa's all about. The people, the poverty, the amazing mix of cultures and that raw energy.

Allow me to introduce you to the photography of Alastair Maher - click here

Al's photo above sums up Africa in one click of the shutter.

I can't get enough of photography.

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