Thursday, 30 October 2008

The Tour

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved watching the Tour de France. I still think it's the world's toughest sporting event, even if it has been plagued with cheats and doping. For those 3 weeks in July it becomes a complete addiction and my life revolves around it. My highlight so far has been going to watch the final stage in Paris a couple years ago. Last year the first 2 stages were raced here on the mud island so I got to see it up close and personal once again. So, the only box not ticked, is a mountain stage. Enter 2009. The course has just been released (here)...and it's crazy! Particularly the second to last stage, finishing on Mont Ventoux (never in the history of the event has a mountain been on the programme the day before the finish in Paris). Added to the mix is Mr Mellow Johnny, who's come out of retirement. Whether he makes it to the start line or not, time will only tell, but for me it's a once in a lifetime chance to watch the world's greatest athlete race an iconic climb in an event I've turned into an obsession.

It's time to start saving tin so I can be on the side of that mountain in 2009. Who knows, I may even get to witness a duel like Lance V Marco in 2000. Maybe Lance V Alberto?

Bring on the Tour!

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