Monday, 12 January 2009

Come Back of the Year

In six days time, at the Tour Down Under, Lance starts his come back to international racing. I'm sure he's hoping it'll end on the last weekend of July with an eighth Tour title. Time will only tell. Who knows if he'll even get to the start line?

I've been following his twitter feed and it's really cool to be able to get a close insight into what he's up to. Today he posted photos of his new Trek for the Tour Down Under. It's an absolute beauty.

Just like his final Tour TT bike, his new one has codes and numbers that relate to his passion, motivation and the like.

According to the visible numbers on his bike, the 1274 is the number of days since his last pro race and the 27.5 is roughly the 27.5 million people globally that have passed away from cancer in that time. Moving stuff. I maybe be wrong with the story behind each number so drop me a line if you find out anything different.

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