Sunday, 11 January 2009

Richmond Park

It's my sanctuary, training ground and special place. If I've got loads on my mind, should life be getting me down or I just feel like getting away from the hustle and bustle of London life, Richmond Park is where I escape to.

And even if I don't need to get away, Richmond Park has provided me with hours, actually days of joy and pain I guess. With its 12km (8 mile) outer and 10km (6 mile) inner loops, it's THE perfect place to bank miles in the legs. Whether it's on foot or the bike. Best of all, it's great to just go for long meaningless walks where you don't come across another soul for hours.

I can honestly say that without Richmond Park, I don't think I would have lasted in London as long as I have. Yes that sounds dramatic but a week rarely passes that I don't visit the park at least once. It's like recharging a battery.

If you have kids or own dogs, it's a must. There's also the amazing Isabella Plantation (garden), well worth the visit and it's free!

I heart RP.

Richmond Park website.

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