Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Into the Wild

I saw a DVD doing the rounds at work recently. I picked it up, read the back and seeing that it was a true story, decided to watch it (plus I love the wild/outdoors so I was pretty much sold on the title).

OH MY WORD! What a phenomenal story. Please watch this movie. It's gone straight into my top 3. I can't express how much I loved it.

I have to admit there are many days when I feel like doing what young Christopher did. Giving up a life of money, possessions, and the lack of freedom.

I salute you Christopher McCandless for living life by your own rules.


Will Vaughan said...

Read the book Maloy

Maloy said...

It's on the to-do list my man. The book is always better.

Al Maher said...

Mate i love this movie as well! Def a favourite. I compressed the DVD to my nano last year to take it on my travels. I had the soundtrack belting in my ear when i did Table Mountain, ahh the sense of freedom.